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who we are


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The V&M Story

The V&M Journey began back in 2008, growing up on the East Coast of Australia we spent our holidays on the farm at our Grandparents in Tasmania, we were always surrounded by the beauty Australia had to offer. I had been in the industry for 15 years at that stage and we thought it was a perfect time to create our luxury products with naturally derived, organic and Australian ingredients, made here in Australia. 

Being blessed with the best Australia has to offer we can proudly say we achieved this. All of our products are made with 90 - 100% Naturally derived and Organic ingredients, are lightweight and incredibly luxurious. Utilising plants growing in Australia, we became obsessed with Lilly Pilly, Kakadu Plum, Tasmanian Lavender and Olive Leaf for the soothing, calming and hydrating effects they have.


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Our Ethical Process

The world is changing, as are your demands. We heard your call for products that respect the Earth – from our shampoos and conditioner to our body products and the cosmetic cases.  We ensure that every aspect of our manufacturing process is performed with the utmost respect for the world around us. 

Our craft has been passed down through the generations, as has our respect for the environment and our beautiful planet. 

This is the V&M lifestyle.