It amazes me at how often we misunderstand our hair and how to use products. We have created a guide to help determine what category you fall into along with what products to use.



This seems pretty obvious if you have colour in your hair, though where it can get tricky is if you have a lighter colour or darker colour added as this may change what your hair needs. 

Hair that has lighter colour added or bleach, will generally be more dry and will need a little extra love.  I would generally start with BALANCING SHAMPOO then shampoo a second time with HYDRATING SHAMPOO then apply TREATMENT CONDITIONER to the mids and ends, massage into the roots. Rinse well. If the hair is very dry, just use HYDRATING SHAMPOO for the 1st and 2nd shampoo then apply TREATMENT CONDITIONER. If the ends are very dry add a little more conditioner to those areas, massage the roots. Rinse well. You can reintroduce BALANCING SHAMPOO if the blonde colour is looking dull later on.  

If you have coloured hair that has a darker colour applied, this will generally be a tint or semi permanent and should be less dry therefore needing less conditioner. Generally the first shampoo would be BALANCING SHAMPOO followed by HYDRATING SHAMPOO then apply TREATMENT CONDITIONER to the mids and ends, massage into the roots. Rinse well. 



I would generally classify fine hair as hair that is a little on the sparser side that needs encouragement to get extra volume added to the hair.  For fine hair I would use BALANCING SHAMPOO as it is a lighter shampoo. There is a misconception that conditioner will weigh fine hair down, which is completely untrue. It is vital to use a TREATMENT CONDITIONER to the mid lengths - ends AND the roots of the hair to nourish and hydrate the hair and the scalp, which is important for healthy hair growth.  So wash the hair 2x with BALANCING SHAMPOO and apply TREATMENT CONDITIONER to the mids and ends, massage into the roots. Rinse well. 



After we reach our 30's hair tends to lose its luscious shine and bounce that we had in our teens and twenties. To keep hair in a bouncy and luscious state I would use BALANCING SHAMPOO then HYDRATING SHAMPOO and then TREATMENT CONDITIONER for optimal hydration, shine and bounce. We have clients in their 30's, 40's 50' 60's and 70's who all have shiny, bouncy and youthful looking hair!



Frizzy hair is sometimes called coarse hair and can be a little unruly and need lots of hydration to tame the frizzy. For hair that is a little coarse or frizzy I would use 2x HYDRATING SHAMPOO and TREATMENT CONDITIONER to the mids and ends, massage into the roots. Rinse well.



Wigs are having their moment in fashion which is fantastic! Real human hair wigs will only generally be washed once a week so to make sure they are in perfect condition as a general rule I would always wash the hair with BALANCING SHAMPOO followed with HYDRATING SHAMPOO then finish with TREATMENT CONDITIONER. If you feel your wig is a little on the dry side, especially during the summer months, drop the BALANCING SHAMPOO and just do 2x shampoos with HYDRATING SHAMPOO and finish with TREATMENT CONDITIONER to the mids and ends, massage into the roots and around the hairline. Rinse well. 


Hair can be a combination of more than one category. As a rule I would focus on the problem area you are experiencing as hair can change depending on what chemical service you are having, hormones and other external factors. So if you think you have mature hair, have foils and the hair feels really dry on the mid lengths to ends, I would look at COLOURED HAIR BLONDE to combat the dryness then asses the hair after a few months to see where it is at. You may be lucky and not have to change the combination of shampoos that you use, though generally you will need to mix it up over the year. For example if you love to swim doing laps in a pool you will find no matter how tight your swimming cap is, a little bit of chlorine will sneak in under the cap. If this is you then I would stick to BALANCING SHAMPOO to soothe the scalp and help remove excess chlorine from the hair. Shampoo the hair with 2x BALANCING SHAMPOO as soon as you step in the shower followed by TREATMENT CONDITIONER which I would leave on until the very last moment before getting out of the shower. Having this sort of exposure to chlorine will mean the hair will feel really silky when wet, but slightly coated or 'sticky' when dry, leaving the conditioner on an extra few minutes while in the shower, your hair will love you for it! 

If you are a massive fan of DRY SHAMPOO, you will need to use BALANCING SHAMPOO as the first shampoo or you may find you need to do 3-4 shampoos to get the hair clean. So just 1x  BALANCING SHAMPOO 1x HYDRATING SHAMPOO, followed with TREATMENT CONDITIONER. 



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