Know Your Hair #Vol 3.

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After we reach our 30's, hair tends to loose its luscious shine and bounce that we had in our teens and twenties. Those cheeky little white hairs can be a little wiry and frizzy, so need extra hydration. To keep hair in a bouncy and luscious state I would use BALANCING SHAMPOO then HYDRATING SHAMPOO and then TREATMENT CONDITIONER for optimal hydration, shine and bounce. If the hair is feeling a little dry skip the Balancing shampoo. If the hair is feeling a little heavy and flat, I would just stick to the Balancing shampoo then asses when you are needing to wash the hair next. Keep in mind the time of year will affect how the hair is behaving. 

We have clients in their 30's, 40's 50' 60's and 70's who all have shiny, bouncy and youthful looking hair, so enjoy!